North Carolina

A lighthouse along the grassy plains of North Carolina.

North Carolina

27% of jobs in North Carolina are supported by the retail industry 

Retail is the nation's largest private sector employer driving the U.S. economy and creating jobs in the communities around the country. Retail is everywhere - especially in North Carolina. Here is a quick look at retail's impact. 

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North Carolina retail by the numbers

Jobs Supported by Retail
Retail Establishments
Total GDP Impact
Direct Retail Employment
Direct Labor Income
Direct Impact on GDP

Retail jobs in North Carolina

Central to their core values, North Carolina-based grocer Food Lion gives back to the communities they serve. In Central North Carolina alone, the grocery chain donates about 9.6 million pounds of food annually to the CENC Food Bank, helping serve nearly 12 million meals to those in need. Learn more about how retail supports communities in North Carolina: Watch the video.

Source: All data comes from the PwC report, The Economic Impact of the U.S. Retail Industry, except where otherwise noted.

The retail industry is defined as including retail, food services and drinking places.
Unless otherwise noted, the total impact statistics combine the industry’s direct, indirect and induced impacts. Employment is defined as the number of payroll and self-employed jobs, including part-time jobs. Labor income is defined as annual wages and salaries and benefits as well as proprietors’ income. An establishment is a single physical location at which business is conducted. A business may consist of more than one establishment.