Scot Case

VP, CSR & Sustainability
Scot Case

Scot Case is vice president of corporate social responsibility and sustainability at NRF. He leads NRF’s Sustainability Council and supports retailer efforts to use their businesses to make the world a better place for everyone. 

Case has focused on the intersection of business, environmental and social concerns since the mid-1990s. With strategic leadership experience in the retail, quick-service restaurant, manufacturing and nonprofit sectors, he provides a system-wide perspective that helps NRF members thrive in a rapidly changing future. 

Throughout Case’s career as a strategist, consultant and sustainability expert, he has worked with organizations including the White House, World Bank, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, large publicly traded and private-sector companies, and federal, state and local governments around the world. Case was also a partner in a small business that he grew and sold, which provides him with a deep appreciation for the unique challenges faced by smaller and growing NRF members. 

A frequent keynote speaker and conference presenter on strategy development, leadership and sustainability, Case has published dozens of articles and case studies, testified before Congress and been quoted broadly in mainstream media.  

Case is originally from Charlotte, N.C., and holds a master’s degree in political science with a focus on sustainability from Virginia Tech. 

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