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This daily newsletter provides the latest top retail industry news that maximizes your time, giving you an edge over your competition. 

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NRF SmartBrief : What’s Next Edition

This daily newsletter contains news to inspire tomorrow’s retail, including about the latest technology, consumer trends and more.

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NRF SmartBrief: Global Edition

This newsletter covers the retail industry’s biggest news from around the world.

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NRF SmartBrief: Retail on Main Street Edition

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A subscription-only weekly digital news publication bringing retail entrepreneurs news to help them run their businesses.

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NRF SmartBrief: Retail Recap

Weekly free newsletter that recaps the biggest news of the week from across NRF’s retail newsletters. Missed the big story of the week? Read it in the Retail Recap.

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Retail Trade Issues Newsletter

Retail Trade Issues is a monthly report on trade matters. This newsletter is available to all NRF members.